Acceptable Worship


What kind of worship does God actually accept?

“The way an individual worships is in direct relationship to how that person sees God; his concept of God will determine his acts of worship. This can be seen in the variety of churches that exist today. While God has instituted the church, man has tried over the years to fashion it after his own likes and dislikes, altering the purpose and in some cases becoming like the Pharisees of old and perverting the message. The result is often the destruction of biblical worship and replacing it with something that fails to honor God and simply honors men.”

“There is no possible way for man to fully understand God. Yet, this is exactly what God has called us to do; we are to seek after Him. In the process of seeking after God, man has become very good at bringing God down to his own level, making the uncommon common and the spectacular just ordinary.”

“While there is a time for corporate worship, it still must be motivated by a personal response to God. Following a liturgy will not produce true worship if the heart of the one worshiping has not been moved by a heart overwhelmed by the presence of God. Worshiping in order to receive from God is not worship, it is petition. Worshiping in order to feel good is simply entertainment.”

This book is ideal for new believers as well as those who are unfamiliar with what the Bible teaches about worship.

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